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Increasing the sales productivity is one of the biggest levers a company can pull in other to improve the overall health of their business. A real-time insight into the performance of the sales team is the only way to solve execution issues and take the right steps to iterate and improve the sales process. Having top-notch salespeople on your sales team or chasing aggressive sales goals doesn’t guarantee an increase in productivity. Scaling your process, utilizing the best practices, adopting effective sales tools and a couple of other things goes into improving sales productivity. The following tips have the potential to help improve sales productivity.

Providing effective training and professional development

Some companies have the mindset that only newly recruited salespersons need to be trained forgetting that the knowledge of the old sales personnel might solidify with time and thus should be harnessed with periodic training and professional development. You should encourage old sales personnel to attend the training sessions which are designed for new hire as it refreshes their tactics.

Aligning the sales, marketing, and product team

The responsibility of improving productivity doesn’t lie on the sales team alone. The marketing and product time has a role to play in increasing productivity. Aligning the sales, marketing and product team can create an impactful approach to improving productivity. The alignment enables your team to have an insight into what the prospective customer desire which is utilized in influencing corporate messaging as well as the product roadmap. Misalignment of the three teams results in lack of effective communication which can lead to missed opportunities and loss of revenues.

Creating healthy competition among peers

A progressive working environment is a working environment where health competitions are encouraged. Ambitious people are competitive by nature, they set new standards and strive to achieve it. They always aspire to be a step ahead of their peers and this keeps them on their toes at all times. Creating a healthy competition among your sales team member will not only boost their morale and foster camaraderie but will also improve sales productivity.

Building a reputable culture

The culture of your company has an effect on your sales productivity. When people find joy and satisfaction in working at a particular company, they tend to work harder but when they are unhappy and are just doing the job to earn a living, productivity decreases. One way to facilitate the joy and satisfaction workers feel at your company is to establish trust between the staff and management as well. Building your company’s culture on a foundation of trust will separate high-performing sales team from a team that merely performs well. Establishing an environment where empathy is shown and safety is established will make trust the foundation of your sales team’s culture. This will enable the sales team to embrace failure and learn from it instead of hiding it. When there is trust, the team members will be able to debate and find way forward. This will facilitate the consistent increase in sales productivity.

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