Things to Consider While Applying Custom Labels

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People are generally concerned about what goes into designing custom printed labels and selecting materials but do not generally emphasize on successful label application. Label printing companies provide custom printed labels and application guidance – either by hand or through the machine.

Labels applied by hand are usually less expensive than labels applied by machinery/equipment. However, hand application is time-consuming and laborious. Contrary to this, machine custom label printing and application is much easier.
Listed below are a few important label application tips:


Temperature is an important consideration for label application. Extreme temperature creates application issues if the adhesive is not designed properly to handle the freezing environment. As such, pressure sensitive labels should be applied at room temperature only.


Label manufacturers suggest that labeling should be done only on a clean and clear surface. Whether it is a cardboard box, label or envelope, the surface should be free from dust particles and grease. The adhesive bonds well to clean surface.
Always keep the label surface free from moisture – water or other solvents. Anything that has even a little bit of moisture on the surface can create a barrier for the label adhesive, thus making it difficult to bond.

Use of Adhesive

In case of hand application, consider using a repositionable label with adhesive to avoid crooked label application. It is a good-quality adhesive with short-term removability that allows the label to be removed and reapplied. It is also possible to straighten the label and reapply.


Applying clear labels with the hand can be a bit complicated as air may get trapped between the surface and the label to form bubbles. If you are applying clear labels, use a machine applicator to ensure the smooth finish of the label.

Regardless of the chosen method of application, it is important to know the do’s and don’ts of applying a label to any surface.