Car decals offer excellent ways to enhance the look and vibe of your car, but what if your car’s decals are quite old and you have had enough of them? Of course, you can get some new decals for your car, but you need to remove those old decals that your eyes have grown tired of.

While car decals are not very hard to remove, they should be removed in an appropriate manner if you don’t want any remaining traces of the old decals on your car. Here’s how to do it right!

Get the Grime Out of the Way

Grime is a major problem that is bound to build up in the area surrounding the existing decals, so before you start removing the decals, you should leave no stone unturned to remove the grime. Simply get a cleaning cloth, soak it in some soapy water, and clean the area surrounding the decals thoroughly.

Heat Things Up

Once you’ve got the grime out of the way, you should heat up your existing decals. Using a hairdryer is recommended for this purpose. Heat loosens up and releases the adhesive which keeps the decal stuck to your car. While a lot of people swear by heat guns to adequately heat up the decals, you should stick to a hair dryer, as a heat gun may produce excessive heat, leading to car paint damage.

Remove the Decal

Once the decal is properly heated up, scrape it up from under it using either your fingertips or any plastic card. A lot of people use razor blades as well. However, improper use of razor blade may cause unnecessary scratches and damage to the surface of the car.

Get Rid of the Glue

Once you have successfully scraped out the decal, you need to remove the remaining traces of glue. There are many glue removal products out there that you can use. Simply apply some glue removal liquid on a microfiber cloth, and rub thoroughly. Let the glue removal liquid be absorbed for a minute or two. Use soapy water once more to rub it off.

Repeat the last step multiple times to ensure that no traces of glue are left, and that’s it! Your car is ready for a brand new decal job!

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