Label Adhesive Performance Factors to Consider for Custom Label Printing

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Label manufacturers consider the quality and performance factors of labels before printing. The role of pressure sensitive adhesives is crucial for proper absorption of labels. Besides stickiness, there are many other factors that can affect the overall performance of labels.
Before product label printing starts, it is imperative to take a note of these factors as well:

  • Composition and Compatibility:
  • A substrate is a surface, container or material that comes in contact with the adhesive directly. The composition of substrate affects the ultimate strength and bonding capacity of adhesives. Product label printing depends largely on the type of material which determines the performance of adhesives. For instance, glass, paper, metal, fabric, and cardboard have varied compositions. Standard adhesives work well on these surfaces but specially formulated adhesives may need some extra considerations to make sure it is compatible with the substrate.

  • Texture:
  • How well the chosen adhesive bonds depend on the texture of the substrate. In case of rough textures, it is harder for adhesives to bond as there is a lesser surface area for perfect grip. In such cases, a more aggressive type of adhesive is needed.

  • Shape and Structure:
  • Angled or curved surfaces are difficult to label. For this type of surfaces, custom label printing with proper choice of aggressive adhesives should be used. In case if the surface is rough, it becomes more challenging.

    In addition to all these aforementioned factors, it is important to consider cleanliness, temperature and moisture conditions for perfect adhesion. Label printing companies should emphasize on the characteristics and features of label adhesives and the way they behave in different environments.

    Make sure you check the guide to select label adhesives before going ahead. Apply your knowledge and skills to get perfect results.