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There is nothing as frustrating as spending hours making up your face only to check after an hour and realize that your face is as shiny and reflective as the mirror you starring at in front of you. A shiny face can be pretty annoying. There are several reasons which can be responsible for an oily skin and some of them are inevitable. Poor sleeping habits, stress, not eating right, changes in weather, hormonal flares during the menstrual period and use of cosmetics and makeup which are capable of blocking the pores are most of the common causes of shiny skins. Wouldn’t it be perfect to have a fresh looking and shine-free face all day long? The following tips are capable of doing wonders to your oily skin.

Imported Face Cleansers

A cleanser with 2% salicylic acid which facilitates the breaking down of oil in the pores without over-drying the pores are the best cleansers to use on oily skins. Oil Control Foam Wash by Cetaphil penetrates deep into the pores to clean and remove excess dirt and oil which might cause blemishes and acne is perfect for cleaning oily skin. Also, the hands should be washed before washing the face to prevent the transfer of oils from the hand to the face.


A matte face primer has the ability to absorb excess oil instantly, giving the skin a smooth and velvety finish. A primer such as Neutrogena Shine Control Primer which fills in lines conceals pores, and control excess oil should be applied on the face before applying the foundation. This primer helps the skin to look and feel smooth and silky immediately. It also helps makeup foundation last longer on the face.


A very small amount of rubbing alcohol such as Preffered plus Sopropyl Rubbing Alcohol 70 Percent should be added to a cotton swab and swiped over the T-Zone (forehead, chin, and nose). This helps take the shine away. However, the rubbing alcohol should be sparingly used to avoid drying out the face too much.

Face Masks

Some Face Masks are capable of providing up to 23 hours of shine-free matte finish. They help keep the face looking matte even in the most humid places and ensures that the makeup stays fresh all day long. Rainbow Research French Green Clay Facial Treatment Mask is one of the Imported Face Treatments which absorbs dirt, oil, and bacteria while gently cleansing the pores, leaving the skin soft and vibrant.


It is highly recommended to pull back on creams at night. Rather, a light lotion which is easily absorbed by the skin should be used. You should consider trying out Imported Skin Care Products such as a nice hydrating serum which is capable of illuminating the skin without shine. Try the Sibu Beauty – Sea Buckthorn Hydrating Serum which is a light, non-oily serum which floods the skin with moisture while deeply hydrating the face and neck to eliminate the tight, dry feeling which is caused by dehydration.


Choosing a foundation which is oil-free or opting for a mineral powder foundation which absorbs excess oil like a sponge is actually a very smart move. You don’t have to skimp out on foundation application. All you have to do is try BareMinerals Matte SPF15 Foundation, an active mineral foundation that gives a shine-free coverage. This mattifying foundation works wonder by reducing enlarged pores and smoothing the skin, thus leaving a natural matte finish all day long.

Blot Away

Do not go out of without tossing a pack of blotting papers in your bag. They are very useful and efficient in absorbing excesses oil from the face without ruining the makeup. When you notice some oil peering through your face, all you have to do is whip out the paper from your bag and blot away.

Watch what you eat

Some foods and drinks such as spicy foods and cocktails are capable of dilating the blood vessels. They increase the rate of sweating, thus increasing the chances of the face becoming shiny.  There is a need to cut down on such foods while substituting with foods like carrots and spinach which are rich in Vitamin A.  This is because vitamin A slows down the production of oil.