Zanzibar is home to some of the most beautiful, idyllic destinations on the continent. With turquoise waters, soft white sands on the beaches and the mouth-watering local food can serve as a simple reason to be attracted to this serene archipelago.


Located off the coast of Tanzania, the top most attractions are magnificent beaches like Paje, Kiwengwa, and Nungwi, which provide the best tourist experiences with its stunning palm trees, the tropical blue sea, and best accommodation facilities; it highly enchants and provides the relaxation that families are looking for.

With family traveling together, the emphasis on safe, comfortable and affordable accommodation becomes of prime importance. As mentioned Zanzibar hosts millions of travelers every year and new and upcoming beach lodges are making way to the top charts for excellent customer service, and one such family lodge is Hakuna Majiwe Beach Lodge.
The island can also provide the best value for money when toured completely including visits to the historical Stone Town, Jozani Forests, and Spice Islands.

Jozani Forest

Situated at 35km southeast of Zanzibar, this dense coastal rainforest covers an area of 50 square kilometers, and the only national park in the archipelago is home to thousands of Red Colubus Monkeys. These beautiful and rare primate are only to be seen on this island and as you tour the park, the delight of watching these creatures jumping from one tree to other, groom and care for its young is a truly an experience not to be seen elsewhere.

Over the years, they are used to photography and humans being around them, and thus carrying your DSLR is definitely a plus. The creatures once endangered to extinction, now with the support of right conservation groups and initiatives, now habituate over 2,500 monkeys in the forest.

Closest beach to the forest is Paje beach and thus easily accessible from there. However, many taxis are directly available to ride to the park with a nominal fee. Speak your local agent or hotel staff for arranging a tour.

Stone Town

We bet if you were to go unguarded in these maze type alleys of the town, you are certainly bound to get lost! If you carry multiple days on your holidays then it is worth staying in Stone Town for a night and explore the local culture, markets, mosques, tiny shops and sultan’s palaces! The touring is sure to get you to admire the history of Arabian influences on this bustling town! It is recently declared a UNESCO World Heritage Place.

The famous Darajani Market is bustling with vibrant locals, who sell everything you would expect to buy in East African market be it food, clothing or a whole lot of many other things. Mornings are preferably the best time pay visit as you also get to see the fish auction! It’s a Kodak moment, but before putting out your cameras, always seek permission as some may be fine with photography, some may not be and some may ask money for it – but ideally it will avoid upsetting anyone!

Prison Island

As the name implies, this was a sub-island a little off the port of Zanzibar island and different versions of stories depict that it was meant to be home to the criminals and offenders of the islands, and some say it was used during colonial times to keep the slaves over there. While there may be some realities to these stories, the interesting fact is that it is a home to some of the most beautiful species of giant tortoises!

Spice Markets

Taking a break from the beach for a day or two is certainly a great idea. Along with Stone Town and Prison Island, this Zanzibari archipelago is sometimes called as ‘The Spice Island’! Enjoy the tour of the spice marker of Zanzibar with different spices that are grown on this fertile land and you can savour the fresh aroma of saffron, nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, cumin (sometimes known as Gold of Zanzibar) are just a few samples of the spices that spread that particular region of the island with intriguing smells.

This tale gets finished here, and we have not even made a mention of House of Wonders, Dolphin Tours, Old Fort, Dispensary of Zanzibar – but that can follow in next series of Zanzibar tour! For more information, stay tuned to this space for details about other holiday destinations!