Holidays for Families in Zanzibar – Series 2

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So we come to a second and last piece of our journey to Zanzibar, the tranquil, amazing and beautiful archipelago off the coast of Tanzania. If you read my first series you would know I covered the great locations of this amazing island like its white sands beach of Paje and an amazing hotel we stayed at, the Hakuna Majiwe Beach Lodge.

We covered Jozani Forest, the historic capital Stone Town, Prison Island and Spice Markets and every single destination was nothing but a spectacularly fun-filled to explore this embracing island, and in next few paras I wish to complete the great journey with House of Wonders, Dolphin Tours, lastly the amazing Forodhani Gardens for all the lovely street food.

House of Wonders

When people hear Zanzibar, they think glorious white sand beach with amazing resorts, in fact, its identity as a relaxing paradise is so renowned that it overshadows the cultural history surrounding the island – and I too was of the same opinion until I visited House of Wonders!
Built in 1883, House of Wonders, (Beit al Ajaib in Arabic) was a palace where the second sultan of Zanzibar, Barghash bin said and his harem stayed. It was one of the most modern buildings at the time with the only location in Entire Island with electricity and an elevator.

The palace features various different things including interiors covered by a courtyard with open galleries, pillared balconies circling the outside of the building, and a tall clock tower.
The brilliantly architected 3-storey building still remains the tallest building in Stone Town, and its balconies offer spectacular views to the tourists.

Dolphin Tours

The Kizimkazi village on the island of Zanzibar is renowned for its cute dolphin tours and swimming with these friendly mammals. It is a definite plus to visit this tour and see the dolphins within the proximity of 10 meters from the boat and perhaps also take a swim, which by the way I did not as I was too scared!

But the tour itself was a big reward as I was extremely happy and excited to watch these beautiful aquatic mammals. I feel that these dolphin tours for Zanzibar demonstrate natural and marine resource management promoting sustainable ecotourism in the island.

Forodhani Gardens

This is right on the coastline whereby every evening local vendors set up their stalls for serving fresh seafood, samosas, meat kebabs, various kinds of fresh juices and much more. It’s a lively place with lots of people around tourist as well as locals alike.
There are dozens of stalls and most serving similar items and dishes thus giving plenty of choices of vendors to choose from. I would always recommend going where the locals are eating as they know who serves better food, or where there’s a bit of queue to ensure there is some quality in the food, as some of the stalls I saw were serving what did not look much like fresh food!


Whilst there was much more detail to each of the above and my first series of Zanzibar trip, I went to only outline the snapshots of each itinerary. And oh, the best part – do not take the Flight to Zanzibar if you’re at all adventurous! From Dar-es-Salaam to Zanzibar and vice-versa there are speedy ferries operating with a just runtime of 2 hours and giving that special feeling of Indian Ocean waves, splashes of water from the front and back decks, and once in a lifetime experience.
I hope this has served all the reader a nice guideline on this mesmerizing island of Zanzibar and I shall try to share some more experiences from my other travels around the world soon!