Marijuana cultivation has evolved considerably from how it used to be done many years ago. While in previous generations, the plant mostly used to be cultivated outdoors, today, a massive chunk of marijuana production happens indoors. Much of it is down to the legal status of the plant around the world. While many countries have taken a liberal stance on the plant and decriminalized the drug, there are many more countries throughout the world where marijuana production is strictly illegal.

So, when it comes to the decision of growing outdoors against growing indoors, you need to put everything aside and prioritize on not just the quality of the harvest, but also, your own safety as a grower.

Outdoor Cultivation

When the first marijuana plant rose from the earth, there were no indoor grow-ops. It was all outdoors, and until the last few decades, it is how marijuana was cultivated all over the world. While growing marijuana in outdoor environments is generally seen as the more natural way of doing it, it can be incredibly risky.

Before anything else, you need to have access to a site that does not easily come under police supervision in case marijuana is illegal where you stay. This generally means searching for remote sites that may be difficult to access on a regular basis. For outdoor grow-ops, it’s also necessary for the location to have the right qualities for optimum marijuana growth such as a lot of sunshine and nearby water sources.

Indoor Cultivation

If you have enough space in your home to cultivate marijuana, there’s no reason why you can’t grow the plant indoors. However, indoor cultivation comes with its fair share of risks and difficulties as well.

For starters, there are the start-up costs, which might be incredibly high, as you need to buy lights and equipment to maintain ventilation. If the grow is big, then be prepared to shell out a lot of money for paying your electricity bills as well.

However, indoor cultivation has its advantages as well. Unlike an outdoor grow, an indoor grow-op will not be spotted as easily. Indoor cultivation can also generate multiple harvests every year, as opposed to just a single harvest that is typically encountered in outdoor grow-ops. The most beneficial aspect is probably the growing conditions, which you can manipulate according to your needs.

When you consider all the pros and cons, indoor cultivation is much more convenient. In places around the world where medical marijuana is legal, most of the strains found are grown indoors.

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