Easy Steps to Get Longer and Fuller Lashes

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Every woman wants fuller, long lashes but only a few have them naturally. The easiest resort to have lush lashes is to pick up a mascara. Fuller lashes make your eyes seem to bigger and your face seem brighten up. While false lashes are a solution, they are not suitable for every time or occasion. Here are easy steps to attain those envious fuller lashes.

  • Boost your lashes by using an eyelash curler. This will curl your lashes at the base, thus drawing them upwards and outwards
  • Do this before applying the mascara so that the curler does not stick to your lashes.
  • You can curl your lashes 2-3 times by using the curler, once at the base and once mid-shaft, to achieve the curve.
  • Before applying the mascara, it is important to buff the lashes with a little powder so that the mascara has something more to stick to. This will plump up the lashes and make them look thicker.
  • Always begin applying mascara to the roots. Apply below the lash line in an upward and zig zag motion.
  • Always begin from the outer end of the eye and come inside. This will create volume at the base as well as enhance the lash curl
  • Apply 2-3 coats of mascara to get a pronounced look. To avoid clumps, wait after each coat to let it dry.
  • If clumping does occur, use a lash brush to smoothen it out once dry
  • Remember to protect your lashes by removing mascara completely. Sleeping with mascara would dry out your lashes, make them brittle and split. Use a makeup remover or a baby oil to remove the product without damaging the lashes.
  • These easy tips will get you lush lashes in no time.