Younger women are blessed with glowing and smooth skin. It is when they reach their 30’s and beyond, the skin starts showing the signs of ageing. However, this should not stop younger women to take care of their skin. Achieving a healthy flawless skin is not difficult. What it needs is a healthy lifestyle, a daily workout routine and a great skin care regime.

Here are 7 easy tips that can help younger women achieve healthy skin.

  • Drink enough water. Our body is made up of water for a major part. Keep your self-hydrated and nourished by drinking at least 8 glasses of water every day. Water not only hydrates the inner organs and smoothens their functioning, it makes the skin supple and soft too, and making you look younger.
  • Sun protection is an important yet a neglected factor by many. Most of the ageing skin is caused by a lifetime of sun exposure. To prevent this, invest in a good quality sunscreen such as Neutrogena Age Shield Sunblock with SPF 70 that will protect from the harmful UVA rays of the sun.
  • Cleansing and moisturising is an important part for a healthy skin routine. Our skin loses elasticity as we age. Dry skin tends to lose moisture and elasticity faster, thus resulting in early signs of ageing such as fine lines, crow’s feet and wrinkles. To prevent this, avoid strong soaps with harsh chemicals and indulge in imported range of skin care products such as nourishing cream based cleanser like the Neutrogena Acne Wash Oil-Free Cream Cleanser, followed by a hydrating moisturiser like Olay Original Active Hydrating Cream, preferably with sunscreen. This will seal in the moisture and make the skin appear smooth.
  • Getting quality sleep is essential for healthy skin. Less amount of sleep makes look skin tired and dull as well as risks of developing under eye bags and dark circles are high. Try simple exercises such as yoga to get better sleep as exercise tends to relax the mind and body.
  • Engage yourself in some ‘me-time’. Be it exercise, gardening or any activity that you like and that makes you work with hands and legs. This will make your mind and body calm and relaxed, thus flushing out toxins from the body and bringing that healthy glow when you are happy with what you do.
  • Go safe and natural with makeup. Many makeup products contain harmful chemicals that stress out the kin and make it look older. Learn simple makeup tricks with as less make up as possible. This will help your skin breathe without burdening it with chemicals. Ensure to remove all makeup with a good makeup remover from imported makeup products in India, followed with scrubbing and moisturising to remove all traces of makeup.
  • The word oil brings visuals of sticky, oily feeling to many. However, if you carefully check the ingredient list in your cosmetics and creams, most of them would be containing Vitamin E. Vitamin E is an essential oil that keeps your skin looking healthy and young. When used properly, Vitamin E oil can bring wonders, to your hair, skin, nails and even slow down the ageing process of the skin. Here is a list of Vitamin E oil benefits that will turn you into a believer of this miracle oil.

  • Dry skin and scalp can be a cause to many worries. Combating dry skin with Vitamin E oil is a great way since it reduces the loss of water from your skin and helps in retaining natural moisture. Vitamin E oil is beneficial for dry scalp too. The oil brings relief to dry, brittle hair and scaly skin, thus providing deep nourishment.
  • While ageing is a natural process that you cannot stop, you can definitely delay it. Vitamin E helps in promoting elastin and collagen, the two essential protein factors responsible for ageing skin. Vitamin E oil helps in getting rid of fine lines and wrinkles, age spots as well as fights free radicals thereby saving your skin from the damage caused by ageing.
  • Sunburn can cause your skin to turn dark and flaky. In a tropical country like ours, it is essential to protect the skin at all times with a suitable sunscreen, Vitamin E comes to our rescue with its fast absorbing properties. The oil gets readily absorbed into the outer layer of the skin and heals the damages caused by the UV rays of the sun. It is, thus, no wonder that Vitamin E is an important ingredient in many sunscreen lotions.
  • Whether you are a new mother or you have shed loads of weight recently, stretch marks are something that can ruin the joy of your newly found happiness. Vitamin E comes as a saviour in these times. Start applying Vitamin E oil when your tummy starts to expand during pregnancy or when you are losing a lot of weight. Vitamin E helps in restoring skin’s natural elastic properties and brings smoothness. The areas will not itch or become dry.
  • Vitamin E oil can be an effective treatment of many skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and extremely dry, scaly skin. The oil can repair the damage and eventually improve the skin condition. It also moisturizes the skin and reduces itchiness.
  • Scars can be really ugly and unsightly, especially on the exposed parts of the skin. Application of Vitamin E softens the affected area and lightens the mars in few weeks. The oil reached beneath the skin surface and speeds up the regeneration of the skin cells, thus replacing the dead skin cells with the new ones. It even repairs the scared tissues.
  • These 6 miraculous uses of Vitamin E oil can give you a healthy and glowing skin in no time. You can buy imported vitamin E oils here.

    Whether you are going home or traveling to other country/city for holidays vacation; some pretty interesting questions about packing comes to your mind like what to take with, what to leave behind, where to place it… Etc. I have taken oodles of trips and every time I came back, I thought, I could be gone even lighter. Hence I have collected the most pin-worthy packing hacks which can save you from some trouble like – wrinkled sweaters, broken precious perfume bottle, lose your bag at the airport and more…
    Let’s start with The Golden Rule: Pack only half of the garments you were wanting to bring and double the cash!

  • Don’t fold the clothes instead of Roll them: It’s really faster compare to fold the garments, and you will get wrinkle free clothes; also it saves more space in your bag!
  • Mix and Match: to avoid over-packing stick to this rule: pack 3 different tops (perhaps a blouse and a sweater) and 3 bottom (light and dark wash denim is the best option). So you will have total 9 pairs!
  • Take advantages of shower cap: use an old shower cap or shoe cap and put your shoes in a cap; so it keeps the clothes clean in the suitcase. Plus, roll your socks and keep them in the shoes.
  • Pack your light colored clothes inside out to prevent stains and also it will make your clothes wrinkle-free. To keep the collar in place, roll your belt around it.
  • Avoid leaks: cut squares of plastic wrap and then place them in between the bottle and cap for your all toiletries. Keep your toiletries and makeup in a transparent bag so you will get everything in one place without messing the whole suitcase.
  • Don’t be Diva! Don’t pack your own hair dryer and straightener or curling iron; use hotel’s products…
  • To stay away from messy tangles with your different wires, roll them up firmly and toss them in a spectacles’ case. You can use the same idea for protecting your jewelry.
  • Put your breakables bottles like a glass perfume bottle in socks. This will keep it from scratching or catching on anything!
  • Pack an empty carry-bags for laundry. Capitalize the empty space of these bags by filling your First-Aid Kits.
  • Pack the heaviest items at the bottom of your suitcase: this is one of the most important thumb rule when you are dealing with rolling luggage.
  • Tag your luggage: Losing your luggage is a bad feeling. When your suitcase blends in with thousands of others and you are enabled to finding it out is even worse. To avoid this situation opt any unique style like paint or mark your suitcase with a bright color or attach colored bow or scarf to your suitcase and use unique name tags etc..

  • Ultimately, your luggage is an icon/symbol of yourself hence, make it stylish, practical, lightweight, and most durable!

    About Author:

    “Hiral is a Digital Marketer by day and reader by night. Love to travel a lot, foodie, addicted to social media and games. Hiral writes frequently on matters across hospitality, travel, and Digital Marketing. Recommends to stay at Hakuna Majiwe Beach Lodge while visiting Zanzibar. :)”