Dark Circles can be annoying as they mask the real beauty of your eyes with their darkness. While there are many dark circle removal creams in the market, you can use these proven tips to reduce the appearance of dark circles at home without spending plenty of cash on expensive products.

  • Dark circles can make you look tired, exhausted and dull. Almond oil works wonders on dark circles when applied religiously every night before retiring to the bed. The oil moisturises the delicate skin around the eyes and help fade the darkness. Gently massage the oil with your ring finger around the eyes and leave it overnight. Rinse it off the next morning.
  • Cucumber has mild astringent and soothing properties. Keep chilled and fresh cucumber slices on the affected areas for 30 minutes. Wash the area with cold water. Repeat the process every day twice daily for a month to see visible difference.
  • Raw potato has bleaching properties. Grate a small raw potato and apply potato juice with the help of cotton on the affected areas. Keep for 10-15 minutes and wash of. Continue for a month to see dark circles reduce.
  • Lemon juice has skin lightening properties due to its bleaching affect. However, raw lemon juice can be very strong for the delicate skin and can cause thinking effect. Prepare a mixture of fresh cream or malai, 2-3 drops of lemon juice, a pinch of turmeric powder and a pinch of gram flour. Apply on the affected area and wash off with cold water after 10-15 minutes. Continue for a month to see positive results. Discontinue use if burning sensation occurs.
  • Invest in a good under eye cream that is a little heavy and absorbs well into the affected area. Apply the cream every night before going off to the bed. Creams that contain oils like almond oil, vitamin E and C and Hyaluronic acid not only reduce the appearance of dark circles but also fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes. We recommend to buy imported Eye Creams that will help you to diminish dark circles such as –
  • Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Renew Anti-Dark-Circle Roller
  • Olay Total Effects Dark Circle Minimizing Eye Brush
  • Derma E, Evenly Radiant Dark Circle Eye Cream with Pycnogenol
  • Freeman Vita-K Solution professional for dark circles
  • Reviva Labs – Under-Eye Dark Circle Serum
  • Reviva Labs – Under-Eye Dark Circle Serum
  • Olay Regenerist Luminous Dark Circle Correcting Hydraswirl
  • Maybelline New York Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Treatment Concealer
  • Share your views in comment box for which tricks you are applying to remove dark circles.

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    Eyes are truly the window to ones’ soul. Beautiful eyes that shine and look fresh add a radiant look to the face. They create the first impression upon anybody. However, many times our eyes mar our whole looks due to stress and incomplete sleep. There are dark circles, puffiness and many other around-the-eyes skin woes. Here are 3 natural ways to get attractive beautiful eyes that sparkle. These home remedies are the best way to get rid of skin woes without spending a lot of money and sleepless nights over it.

    • Dark circles are often caused by wrong makeup, too much of makeup, stress and sleepless nights. While it can be corrected through a healthy lifestyle with good diet plan, few home remedies make dark circles appear less prominent and even erase them if used continuously. Apply juice of cucumber every night before retiring to bed. The juice refreshes the delicate skin around the eye and makes eyes looking radiant and glowing.
    • Rubbing potato slices over dark circles also help lighten them. Pure almond oil is an effective way of treating dark circles. Apply few drops and massage with ring finger before sleep every night. Wake up to soft and dewy eyes in the morning.
    • Puffiness around the eyes makes eyes look smaller, tired and unattractive. Dip a cotton ball in chilled water and place them over your eyes for 20minutes. Chilled water will relax the veins around the eyes and reduce the puffiness. One more easy way of reducing puffiness is to chill two spoons in the freezer. Place the spoons on your eyes and rest for 20mins. The puffiness reduces and the eyes become refreshed.
    • If eyes are the windows, eyelashes are the shades. Make eyelashes look thicker and longer with these tips.

    1.Apply few drops of castor oil on your eyelashes before retiring to bed. Castor oil helps thicken the eyelashes.
    2.Vaseline acts great to thicken and lengthen the eyelashes. Use it every night on eyebrows and eyelashes to make them thicker.
    Other than these tips, drink lots of water and fresh juices such as carrot juice, papaya juice and other fresh fruit juices. Use Nutritioniste Skin Renew Anti-Puff Eye Roller to de-congest puffiness and diminishes dark circles. These will give you bright looking attractive eyes.

    Every woman wants fuller, long lashes but only a few have them naturally. The easiest resort to have lush lashes is to pick up a mascara. Fuller lashes make your eyes seem to bigger and your face seem brighten up. While false lashes are a solution, they are not suitable for every time or occasion. Here are easy steps to attain those envious fuller lashes.

  • Boost your lashes by using an eyelash curler. This will curl your lashes at the base, thus drawing them upwards and outwards
  • Do this before applying the mascara so that the curler does not stick to your lashes.
  • You can curl your lashes 2-3 times by using the curler, once at the base and once mid-shaft, to achieve the curve.
  • Before applying the mascara, it is important to buff the lashes with a little powder so that the mascara has something more to stick to. This will plump up the lashes and make them look thicker.
  • Always begin applying mascara to the roots. Apply below the lash line in an upward and zig zag motion.
  • Always begin from the outer end of the eye and come inside. This will create volume at the base as well as enhance the lash curl
  • Apply 2-3 coats of mascara to get a pronounced look. To avoid clumps, wait after each coat to let it dry.
  • If clumping does occur, use a lash brush to smoothen it out once dry
  • Remember to protect your lashes by removing mascara completely. Sleeping with mascara would dry out your lashes, make them brittle and split. Use a makeup remover or a baby oil to remove the product without damaging the lashes.
  • These easy tips will get you lush lashes in no time.

    While every woman wants freshly painted looking nails that look great without any chips and mess, very few can achieve them. Here are 15 hacks to get your nail painting technique right.

  • Always choose nail paints that are free of the three chemicals-toluene, formaldehyde and dibutyl phthalate. These chemicals can cause health issues when exposed to them for a longer period.
  • Avoid choosing quick dry nail paint formulations. It may be drying out quickly, but is also dehydrating your nails.
  • You need only three strokes of your favourite nail paint to have that opaque coat. Begin with a bed of polish on the brush and stroke on the left, then on the right and last at the centre. You will have the most envious nail coat ever.
  • Remember to use base coat. This gives the colour of the paint something to adhere to, makes your paint last longer and prevents nails from being stained.
  • Always finish off with a top coat. This will make your paint last longer and make it less likely to chip.
  • Choose an acetone-free nail paint remover to remove your paint. It does not dry the nail as acetone does.
  • Do not paint nails and then do dishes or anything that involves your nails. Hot water is an enemy to nail paint. It will make your nail bed expand, thereby forcing the paint to expand as well. This may develop cracks in your paint.
  • Soak your nails in cold water after nail paint application. This will make them dry faster and last longer.
  • Solve the problem of coloured edges by using your old nail paintbrush to tidy the edges. Dip an old nail paintbrush into paint remover and swipe it along the nail bed to remove any excess colour.
  • Never shake a bottle of nail paint in up and down motion. Always take the bottle in between your palms and roll it back and forth. This will ensure that there are no air bubbles in the nail paint.
  • Store your nail pants in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight. You can keep them in fridge since it helps the formula in keeping moist and avoids drying out fast. Sunlight can affect the colour and thickness of the polish.
  • Thin out your old thickened nail paints by adding a little thinner.
  • Never file your nails in back and forth motion. Always stroke the file in one direction along the grain of the nail.
  • Moisturise your cuticles and nail bed with ample cuticle oil. This will give a salon like finish to your nail pant and hydrate the nails as well.
  • Neon colours are in. Make your neon nail paints look opaque and pop by using white nail paint underneath them.
  • These 15 hacks will get you the best painted nails in the town!

    Younger women are blessed with glowing and smooth skin. It is when they reach their 30’s and beyond, the skin starts showing the signs of ageing. However, this should not stop younger women to take care of their skin. Achieving a healthy flawless skin is not difficult. What it needs is a healthy lifestyle, a daily workout routine and a great skin care regime.

    Here are 7 easy tips that can help younger women achieve healthy skin.

  • Drink enough water. Our body is made up of water for a major part. Keep your self-hydrated and nourished by drinking at least 8 glasses of water every day. Water not only hydrates the inner organs and smoothens their functioning, it makes the skin supple and soft too, and making you look younger.
  • Sun protection is an important yet a neglected factor by many. Most of the ageing skin is caused by a lifetime of sun exposure. To prevent this, invest in a good quality sunscreen such as Neutrogena Age Shield Sunblock with SPF 70 that will protect from the harmful UVA rays of the sun.
  • Cleansing and moisturising is an important part for a healthy skin routine. Our skin loses elasticity as we age. Dry skin tends to lose moisture and elasticity faster, thus resulting in early signs of ageing such as fine lines, crow’s feet and wrinkles. To prevent this, avoid strong soaps with harsh chemicals and indulge in imported range of skin care products such as nourishing cream based cleanser like the Neutrogena Acne Wash Oil-Free Cream Cleanser, followed by a hydrating moisturiser like Olay Original Active Hydrating Cream, preferably with sunscreen. This will seal in the moisture and make the skin appear smooth.
  • Getting quality sleep is essential for healthy skin. Less amount of sleep makes look skin tired and dull as well as risks of developing under eye bags and dark circles are high. Try simple exercises such as yoga to get better sleep as exercise tends to relax the mind and body.
  • Engage yourself in some ‘me-time’. Be it exercise, gardening or any activity that you like and that makes you work with hands and legs. This will make your mind and body calm and relaxed, thus flushing out toxins from the body and bringing that healthy glow when you are happy with what you do.
  • Go safe and natural with makeup. Many makeup products contain harmful chemicals that stress out the kin and make it look older. Learn simple makeup tricks with as less make up as possible. This will help your skin breathe without burdening it with chemicals. Ensure to remove all makeup with a good makeup remover from imported makeup products in India, followed with scrubbing and moisturising to remove all traces of makeup.
  • Our skin is made of mainly two layers: the epidermis (the outermost layer) and the dermis (underneath the outer layer). With aging process, our skin automatically reduces the production of collagen from dermis layer. The collagen is the main skin protein responsible for smoothness and elasticity in our skin. The lower amount of collagen makes wrinkles and fine lines appear on your face.
    In addition to aging, there are many other factors that can get you wrinkles and fine lines early; Sun exposure, lack of nutrition, pollution, smoking, lack of sleep, stress, and dehydration can also contribute these aging signs and make you look older ahead of time.

    Wondering how you can play against these odds and look youthful always? Well, there are several things you can start adapting in your daily routine (they are like secrets to the younger looking skin) and avoid wrinkles and fine lines. We all want to age gracefully, don’t we?

    Take Antioxidants

    All green leafy vegetables, Vitamin C & A fruits, green tea, and walnuts have a really good amount of antioxidants within. Adding these food sources to your everyday diet will help your skin fight early aging and look younger! In addition to antioxidants, fruits and green vegetables have minerals that can help keep your skin healthy.

    Drink loads of water

    Drinking 6-8 glass of water per day helps to keep your skin well-hydrated and thus healthy. Water is also vital to dispose of all toxins out of a body. A properly hydrated skin looks radiant.

    Choose a right moisturizer

    There are many imported skin care products for women available in the market today that claim to be a perfect anti-aging treatment. However, sometimes all you need is good quality face moisturizer and a good face cleanser in your daily skincare regime.
    On top of these, there are several other tips such as wearing sunscreen when you step out, taking quality sleep (minimum 8 hours a day), getting rid of stress and practicing yoga that can help you fight wrinkles and other signs of aging.

    No matter how exhausted or tiresome you feel at the end of the day, taking your makeup off using a good makeup remover product is as important as putting on the makeup before you walk out in the morning. And it is even more important to use your makeup remover the right way!
    Today’s stay-put, long lasting makeup products needs a suitable remover. And when you look around in the market, you will find many different types of makeup removers in a wide range of prices. However, all of these products can be mainly categorized into four types – Lotions, Liquids, Pads and Wipes.
    Before you settle on your favorite makeup remover, let’s learn how to use them right to strip off your makeup.

    How to Use Lotion and Liquid Makeup Removers

  • Take one or two drop of remover on your palm or on a cotton ball
  • Gently sweep the remover liquid or lotion over closed eyes and other areas
  • Give your face a soft massage for 5 minutes
  • Rinse with tap water or tissue off until makeup is removed completely
  • While buying liquid or serum based makeup remover, it is wise to pick one that is best suited to your skin type. Some dermatologists also recommend using a separate remover for eyes as it is more sensitive area and thus need extra delicate cleansing formula. For example, if you have oily skin, you must use oil-free remover like Neutrogena Oil-free Eye Makeup Remover.

    How to Use Makeup Remover Pads and Wipes

  • Hold a cleansing, pre-saturated wipe or pad in your hand and put it on your forehead area first.
  • Slowly and gently move the pad/wipe to nose, cheeks, and jaw areas of the face.
  • To remove eye makeup, you need to put in on each eyelid one by one and hold it for a few seconds. This will capture the mascara and eye shadow. Then you can move the wipe/pad outward to take off the eye makeup.
  • To clean lipstick, you can flip the pad/wipe to another side and wipe the lipstick away or you can fetch a new wipe/pad. Here make sure you don’t rub your lips.
  • Don’t press the wipes. You just need to move them delicately in upward, downward and outward direction as necessary. Once makeup is removed, dispose the pad/wipe.
  • These ultra-soft clothes (pads, wipes and Towelettes) can be your go-to makeup removal. They are available in different strengths but most of them will clean your face effectively. you can buy imported makeup remover pads and wipes here.

    “Clean skin is healthy skin”

    The word oil brings visuals of sticky, oily feeling to many. However, if you carefully check the ingredient list in your cosmetics and creams, most of them would be containing Vitamin E. Vitamin E is an essential oil that keeps your skin looking healthy and young. When used properly, Vitamin E oil can bring wonders, to your hair, skin, nails and even slow down the ageing process of the skin. Here is a list of Vitamin E oil benefits that will turn you into a believer of this miracle oil.

  • Dry skin and scalp can be a cause to many worries. Combating dry skin with Vitamin E oil is a great way since it reduces the loss of water from your skin and helps in retaining natural moisture. Vitamin E oil is beneficial for dry scalp too. The oil brings relief to dry, brittle hair and scaly skin, thus providing deep nourishment.
  • While ageing is a natural process that you cannot stop, you can definitely delay it. Vitamin E helps in promoting elastin and collagen, the two essential protein factors responsible for ageing skin. Vitamin E oil helps in getting rid of fine lines and wrinkles, age spots as well as fights free radicals thereby saving your skin from the damage caused by ageing.
  • Sunburn can cause your skin to turn dark and flaky. In a tropical country like ours, it is essential to protect the skin at all times with a suitable sunscreen, Vitamin E comes to our rescue with its fast absorbing properties. The oil gets readily absorbed into the outer layer of the skin and heals the damages caused by the UV rays of the sun. It is, thus, no wonder that Vitamin E is an important ingredient in many sunscreen lotions.
  • Whether you are a new mother or you have shed loads of weight recently, stretch marks are something that can ruin the joy of your newly found happiness. Vitamin E comes as a saviour in these times. Start applying Vitamin E oil when your tummy starts to expand during pregnancy or when you are losing a lot of weight. Vitamin E helps in restoring skin’s natural elastic properties and brings smoothness. The areas will not itch or become dry.
  • Vitamin E oil can be an effective treatment of many skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and extremely dry, scaly skin. The oil can repair the damage and eventually improve the skin condition. It also moisturizes the skin and reduces itchiness.
  • Scars can be really ugly and unsightly, especially on the exposed parts of the skin. Application of Vitamin E softens the affected area and lightens the mars in few weeks. The oil reached beneath the skin surface and speeds up the regeneration of the skin cells, thus replacing the dead skin cells with the new ones. It even repairs the scared tissues.
  • These 6 miraculous uses of Vitamin E oil can give you a healthy and glowing skin in no time. You can buy imported vitamin E oils here.

    While many people boast of getting enough vitamins and minerals from their daily diet when they encounter with the question, we are seeing a number of individuals suffering from vitamin deficiency. Most of the population is deficient in Vitamin A, C, D, E, Calcium, Magnesium, and Potassium. This makes Vitamin supplements an important aspect of our daily diet. Here are few important reasons to add a Vitamin supplement to your daily lifestyle.

  • A balanced diet is quite essential to get all the necessary vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in the recommended dosage. Most of the working population does not have either the time or the energy to cook food at home. In addition, it is very common to cook food with one 1 or 2 ingredients to make it in a jiffy. This excludes foods from other food groups, thus depriving our diet of essential nutrients. It is imperative to include food from all food groups that is fruits and vegetables, grains and legumes as well as dairy and meat. This would give a balanced portion of all food groups on our plates, thus satisfying the need of macronutrients. However, when this is not possible, a multivitamin become essential to meet the daily nutrient requirement.
  • Most of the use might be having unbalanced meals devoid or limited of fruits and vegetable. Bothe fruits and vegetables are loaded with a number of nutrients. It is recommended to take 2-3 servings of each on a single day. This lower consumption of fruits and vegetable makes taking a multivitamin supplement important.
  • Fast food has become a way of life. For many working individuals and young students, time is always a crunch when it comes to eating. Thus, taking a fast food takeaway such as a burger, pizza or cola is easy compared to eating while being seated at one place. This on-the-go eating attitude has brought about a calorie and sugar abundance in the diet, which are just empty calories without adding much to the nutrient level. When having a balanced meal with fruits, vegetables, lean meat, whole grains and dairy is last on the mind, a multivitamin comes to the rescue.
  • Athletes and bodybuilders have more wear and tear going on in their bodies. Exercise depletes the body of essential fluids and nutrients. It thus becomes imperative to supply the body with ample vitamins and minerals to repair muscle tear and support muscle build-up. Adequate amount of vitamins will ensure that the body does not suffer from any muscle fatigue, deficiency, risk injury and depresses immune system,
  • Without a healthy lifestyle, our immune system suffers. The depressed immune system is one of the major reasons to get infections and diseases easily than ever. The body becomes susceptible to diseases around. It is very important to build a strong immune system, which is possible by following a balanced healthy diet.
  • The most easiest and effective way of supplying adequate vitamin to the body is taking a vitamin supplement, in tablet or gummy form. These will boost the immune system and help prevent infection.

    So we come to a second and last piece of our journey to Zanzibar, the tranquil, amazing and beautiful archipelago off the coast of Tanzania. If you read my first series you would know I covered the great locations of this amazing island like its white sands beach of Paje and an amazing hotel we stayed at, the Hakuna Majiwe Beach Lodge.

    We covered Jozani Forest, the historic capital Stone Town, Prison Island and Spice Markets and every single destination was nothing but a spectacularly fun-filled to explore this embracing island, and in next few paras I wish to complete the great journey with House of Wonders, Dolphin Tours, lastly the amazing Forodhani Gardens for all the lovely street food.

    House of Wonders

    When people hear Zanzibar, they think glorious white sand beach with amazing resorts, in fact, its identity as a relaxing paradise is so renowned that it overshadows the cultural history surrounding the island – and I too was of the same opinion until I visited House of Wonders!
    Built in 1883, House of Wonders, (Beit al Ajaib in Arabic) was a palace where the second sultan of Zanzibar, Barghash bin said and his harem stayed. It was one of the most modern buildings at the time with the only location in Entire Island with electricity and an elevator.

    The palace features various different things including interiors covered by a courtyard with open galleries, pillared balconies circling the outside of the building, and a tall clock tower.
    The brilliantly architected 3-storey building still remains the tallest building in Stone Town, and its balconies offer spectacular views to the tourists.

    Dolphin Tours

    The Kizimkazi village on the island of Zanzibar is renowned for its cute dolphin tours and swimming with these friendly mammals. It is a definite plus to visit this tour and see the dolphins within the proximity of 10 meters from the boat and perhaps also take a swim, which by the way I did not as I was too scared!

    But the tour itself was a big reward as I was extremely happy and excited to watch these beautiful aquatic mammals. I feel that these dolphin tours for Zanzibar demonstrate natural and marine resource management promoting sustainable ecotourism in the island.

    Forodhani Gardens

    This is right on the coastline whereby every evening local vendors set up their stalls for serving fresh seafood, samosas, meat kebabs, various kinds of fresh juices and much more. It’s a lively place with lots of people around tourist as well as locals alike.
    There are dozens of stalls and most serving similar items and dishes thus giving plenty of choices of vendors to choose from. I would always recommend going where the locals are eating as they know who serves better food, or where there’s a bit of queue to ensure there is some quality in the food, as some of the stalls I saw were serving what did not look much like fresh food!


    Whilst there was much more detail to each of the above and my first series of Zanzibar trip, I went to only outline the snapshots of each itinerary. And oh, the best part – do not take the Flight to Zanzibar if you’re at all adventurous! From Dar-es-Salaam to Zanzibar and vice-versa there are speedy ferries operating with a just runtime of 2 hours and giving that special feeling of Indian Ocean waves, splashes of water from the front and back decks, and once in a lifetime experience.
    I hope this has served all the reader a nice guideline on this mesmerizing island of Zanzibar and I shall try to share some more experiences from my other travels around the world soon!