A bridal clutch purse is a much-needed accessory that completes the look of a bride. Stylish bridal clutch purse to match the outfit and theme of the wedding complements the final look of an elegant bride.

Here’s our latest collection of the stylish bridal clutch purse for 2017:
#1: Antique Silver Bridal Clutch – Style CT06

It’s a pretty and petite clutch purse that combines antique silver, Swarovski stones, and ivory silk fabric. The clutch is beautifully designed on both sides to complement the look of a bride. It would go gracefully with white, silver, beige or ivory silk fabric designed gown.
#2: Bridal Clutch- Style CT02

A beautifully designed minaudiere clutch on ivory cream silk fabric is perfect for an elegant and graceful bride. The clutch is designed with Swarovski stones and is in ivory color. Ivory cream silk fabric is used to give a perfect and neat look to the bridal clutch.
#3: Bridal Clutch – Style CT03

For a gorgeous bride, you need something different. This stylish bridal clutch purse is designed in ivory, silver, gold, and antique tone on silky smooth ivory cream silk fabric. The clutch has the same design on both sides and floral arrangements. It is a perfect accessory to complement the evening party look.
#4: Bridal Clutch – Style CT04

Vintage design combined with modern style makes this elegant bridal clutch purse a perfect accessory for trendy brides. This bridal clutch is a combination of off white, silver and ivory color. The fabric is pure ivory silk. It has a neat design with beautiful semiprecious stones studded to add a sparkling touch.
#5: Vintage Inspired Bridal Box Clutch- CT05

A vintage look can make a lot of difference to the bridal attire. This beautifully crafted bridal clutch with elegant vintage feel can be a perfect addition. Ivory silk fabric studded with Swarovski stones and a touch of gold gives a vintage look to this clutch. It has a varying blend of off white, ivory, gold, and silver that makes its look truly unique.

Furniture was made through the Georgian and Victorian periods! At that time joints were constructed and glued – not stapled or nailed together like modern pieces. Timber was properly seasoned, so is less likely to warp; and the finish applied, created to resist marks, hardens with time. Caring for your antique furniture is very simple, you just need to pay little attention and care about it.

Keep out of direct sunlight

Direct sunlight not only fades furniture but may also cause a polished surface to blister in a brief space of time; so wherever possible place your furniture away from straight sunlight.

Beware of Radiators

Place the antique furniture with a maximum distance from radiator units as it can create a trouble if you put the furniture directly in front of it.

Keep a check on humidity levels

Low humidity can have a damaging impact on antique furniture. Wood is a flexible medium, and if it will dry out excessively, may shrink and crack. Fortunately, with the help of ‘hygrometer’, we can easily check humidity level. The humidity of around about 45% is ideal.

Wax every 3 to 4 months

Waxing too often will give a sticky surface which attracts dirt! Hence based on requirement (which is generally after 3 or 4 months), apply a skinny layer of any good quality beeswax based polish with a cloth, then buff up very hard with a smooth cloth or brush; this will help to maintain a gorgeous coating.

Polish that brass-work!

Glowing & shining handles can lift your antiques more than any other stuff. Many brass items are coated with a protective material to stop them from tarnishing. This coating fails over the years and the tarnish gets under the coating. In order to polish the item, you need to remove the coating and simply use a small amount of good old brasso and buff up your item.

Check for Materials: Initially, check for anything that shouldn’t be there, just like a plywood! Would be the top, back or sides made of plywood? Plywood had not been utilized in furniture making before the 1930s, so would never have been included in a Georgian part. Likewise, chipboard, staples or Phillips screws are proof of later creation. Vintage collectible chairs were always prepared with mortice and tenon joints, so the chair which is joined by dowels is not Georgian!

Lookout Surface:

The next thing to do is turn the item upside down. If it is a huge dining table, we often advise people to use a flashlight to check out beneath. The first thing to look for is a coating of the top: if a table has been used for approximately 200 years, there will be a waxy edge around the border where people’s fingers have touched the table. This kind of thing is difficult to reproduce – if the underside is too clean, or there are spots of brush marks, then it gives a clear indication.

Checkout layers’ Thickness:

The older piece has thicker veneer applied. Coarsely cut is desirable on the item because veneers were handstitched until well into the 19th century. Vintage pieces have glued down and then smoothed and polished in situ. As mechanization improved by the 20th century, Veneers come to be ‘paper’ thin.

Look for edge-joining Resources:

Dates are important when viewing at screws and nails. Screws were not introduced until around 1675 and until mid-19th century they were handmade. A handmade screw has a little taper and the slit on the head is seldom centrally aligned plus it has shallower spiral than the machine made screws. Nails were square cut at the older time. Until 1900 round wire nails are not used.

Check the Smoothness:

A new top will have a new finishing, and will not be much smooth and silky; the grain may be increased, or the edges strangely sharp for a part of age.

Your experience counts a lot while buying an antique furniture. Hence we recommend buying antiques from well-known dealers like –

The table is considered one of the initial type of furniture in the world which has a flat top with one or more legs and mainly used to place the things but can be used in a variety of ways like a coffee table, writing table/desk, dining table and lots more.

Buying an antique furniture without having much experience in this field can be difficult to determine. So for the individuals who are simply beginning to gather antique tables, here are a few things to look for before buying them.

Check for wood composition

Having awareness of wood types is a big advantage while looking for the antique furniture. You can easily guess the time period of production if you have the knowledge of wood grains and wood color. For an example:

  • Time period of oak is early 16th century to the mid-17th century
  • Time period of walnut is Late 17th to the early 18th century
  • Time period of mahogany and satinwood is Mid-18th century
  • Several purchasers battle with wood types and portrayals. Check out below fundamentals of wood type and grains.

    Also check out if the furniture is composed of solid wood, veneered wood or particle board.

  • Solid wood is considered as earlier pieces of antique
  • Veneered wood (slices of wood are covered by base wood) has first appeared in the walnut period. Thin veneers indicate modern-day furniture reproductions.
  • Particle board is the cheapest type of wood furniture and were never used in older pieces
  • Check for uniqueness

    Mostly old-timer tables are rare as they tend to be handmade by skillful workers. Some Older tables have unusual shapes, designs, or colors that make them unique. Hence always check for singularity.

    Check construction

    Always look at the structure of table before buying. Try to examine below-mentioned points:

  • Open and closed the drawers at least 2-3 times to check if they slide well or not.
  • Look for Dovetailed joints as older furniture pieces have large and uneven joints as they are handmade, while machine dovetailed joints are even.
  • Look for the Circular saw marks as they did not come into usage until the 18th century.
  • Look the direction of wood shrinkage.
  • Modern bolts, clips, and gum are pointers of a recent reproduction.
  • Check condition

    Typical wear or damage is normal in older tables. Ranges of wear commonly contain legs or edges. Antique furniture hint at an age like boards are typical of altering width or have signs of cracking. The condition of a surface is quite obvious, but there is hardly ever a reason to reject the piece on the basis that it needs re-polishing.

    Before buying, ensure that the piece is still useful in spite of its blemishes. Try not to purchase ramshackle or flimsy tables. Deviations of the table’s condition, for example, missing parts and chips can decrease the antique’s value.

    Here at J. Knowlton Antiques, we offer fine quality mid-18th to mid-19th Century’s bedside tables and commodes, Pembroke drop-leaf tables, and other interesting sides’ furniture. Explore our antique table selection today.

    Evidently, it is not so easy to pick a right and professionally working crime scene clean up company for your needs. Also, for such cases you’re not in the mood for hassles either – whether it is stressful, emotionally draining, or traumatic, you simply want to be prepared to go through what happened and not deal with such arrangements and logistical matters.

    It always helps if you have some advance heads up and preparations and thus this article brings you the four top-most easy tips to get hold of best crime scene clean up company in Columbus, OH whether it’s for crime/trauma scene clean up, or homicide or biohazardous matter.

    1.Ensure the Company Specializes in Crime Scene Cleanup

    Crime and trauma scene cleanup happens to be one of the most intense kinds of cleaning processes and thus it is highly imperative that you call in only the professionals. Ensuring they have the emergency hour availability will also make it easier to deal when disaster strikes. More importantly, ensure they are industry certified by someone like EPA, NIDS, OSHA etc. This way you are ensuring you’re hiring someone who is bound to get the job done in a rightful manner, without the hassle and also be prompt in their availabilities.

    2.Do they have Protective Equipment?

    Crime scenes can also be dangerous for people living in the crime scene location/neighbourhoods and therefore it is vital to make sure the hired company has the right protective equipment like wearing biohazard suits and have specially certified agents who carry out the jobs safely and cleanly. Never ever clean a crime scene by yourself as that is allowing a pose a risk to your own health and to your loved ones too.

    3.Quick Turnaround Times

    As soon as the police have done their bit at crime scene area, you want to have a company that can move in ASAP to the area and start cleaning the area. It’s also a reminder of what happened can cause an emotional breakdown amongst family members and therefore, the earlier it is dealt with the better for your family. Therefore you need the best of Columbus OH crime scene cleaners to match these standards and get to the business and try restoring the room/office/location back to normal condition.

    4.Ensure the company has Insurance

    The last thing you want to deal with this traumatic phase is dealing for being held liable for worker’s compensation claim as there is a possibility that the company you had hired does not have insurance. Do your research in advance, ask the questions on the phone, perhaps quickly check their site on mobile and making sure the company has the worker’s compensation insurance, property damage insurance and etc.

    Label manufacturers consider the quality and performance factors of labels before printing. The role of pressure sensitive adhesives is crucial for proper absorption of labels. Besides stickiness, there are many other factors that can affect the overall performance of labels.
    Before product label printing starts, it is imperative to take a note of these factors as well:

  • Composition and Compatibility:
  • A substrate is a surface, container or material that comes in contact with the adhesive directly. The composition of substrate affects the ultimate strength and bonding capacity of adhesives. Product label printing depends largely on the type of material which determines the performance of adhesives. For instance, glass, paper, metal, fabric, and cardboard have varied compositions. Standard adhesives work well on these surfaces but specially formulated adhesives may need some extra considerations to make sure it is compatible with the substrate.

  • Texture:
  • How well the chosen adhesive bonds depend on the texture of the substrate. In case of rough textures, it is harder for adhesives to bond as there is a lesser surface area for perfect grip. In such cases, a more aggressive type of adhesive is needed.

  • Shape and Structure:
  • Angled or curved surfaces are difficult to label. For this type of surfaces, custom label printing with proper choice of aggressive adhesives should be used. In case if the surface is rough, it becomes more challenging.

    In addition to all these aforementioned factors, it is important to consider cleanliness, temperature and moisture conditions for perfect adhesion. Label printing companies should emphasize on the characteristics and features of label adhesives and the way they behave in different environments.

    Make sure you check the guide to select label adhesives before going ahead. Apply your knowledge and skills to get perfect results.

    It is often intimidating to choose different types of label adhesives that work. A label company might offer all kinds of labels, but you should know what to choose and how.
    Classically, there are 3 types of adhesives used by a label company:

    i) Permanent Labels: Most of the labels printed these days use permanent adhesives as they work for all kinds of label applications. Even for cheap label printing, permanent labels are preferred. Similarly, for syringe labels, pharmacy labels, and self-laminating labels, permanent adhesives are used for a stronger bond with the container. Trying to remove the label can damage the container completely.

    ii) Removable Labels: There are labels that come with removable adhesive. Once applied, these labels can be easily removed without damaging the surface or the container on which it was applied. Removable labels are like stickers and these are perfect for temporary marking, limited promotions, discounts, and store coupons. However, the temperature might affect the stickiness and bonding of the removable capability of these types of adhesives.

    iii) Repositionable Labels: Adhesives used for repositionable labels have short-term removability characteristic. Whenever you need to reapply or reposition the label, you can do so without any hassle. This type of adhesive can also save your resources and time in the long run. For instance, if a label has been applied crookedly, it can be repositioned without losing adhesion. The type of repositionable adhesive you choose would determine whether or not it can become permanent. There is always a difference between the time of initial application and the time of permanent bonding, which varies based on the formulation of the adhesive.

    Depending on your product, choose any of these aforementioned types of adhesives for the best result. It is suggested to choose the adhesive type only with respect to your need and the material on which the label would be applied.

    People are generally concerned about what goes into designing custom printed labels and selecting materials but do not generally emphasize on successful label application. Label printing companies provide custom printed labels and application guidance – either by hand or through the machine.

    Labels applied by hand are usually less expensive than labels applied by machinery/equipment. However, hand application is time-consuming and laborious. Contrary to this, machine custom label printing and application is much easier.
    Listed below are a few important label application tips:


    Temperature is an important consideration for label application. Extreme temperature creates application issues if the adhesive is not designed properly to handle the freezing environment. As such, pressure sensitive labels should be applied at room temperature only.


    Label manufacturers suggest that labeling should be done only on a clean and clear surface. Whether it is a cardboard box, label or envelope, the surface should be free from dust particles and grease. The adhesive bonds well to clean surface.
    Always keep the label surface free from moisture – water or other solvents. Anything that has even a little bit of moisture on the surface can create a barrier for the label adhesive, thus making it difficult to bond.

    Use of Adhesive

    In case of hand application, consider using a repositionable label with adhesive to avoid crooked label application. It is a good-quality adhesive with short-term removability that allows the label to be removed and reapplied. It is also possible to straighten the label and reapply.


    Applying clear labels with the hand can be a bit complicated as air may get trapped between the surface and the label to form bubbles. If you are applying clear labels, use a machine applicator to ensure the smooth finish of the label.

    Regardless of the chosen method of application, it is important to know the do’s and don’ts of applying a label to any surface.

    Are you searching for Custom Label Manufacturers? But how to determine one that will give you excellent service and a quality label.

    ColorMark Label offers behavior to your products with your brand. It demonstrates representation, image and other important details necessary to be printed with the product. Good custom label, stickers, and logos are made of high-quality paper that permits it to be utilized as labels on a wide range of products labels. One of a kind identification increases the market capability of business as attractive custom labels view separated and make the product look good and attractive. Custom Label manufacturers have the ability to satisfy a wide range of business needs. It acts as a trademark for the organization/company and let the client be connected with the brand.

    ColorMark Label offers amazing value when it comes to client suitability particularly in the office or household use. Inspite of the fact that they are generally utilized for labeling viable items, yet you get them for individual use also. This indicates you can use them for on blessings, wedding invitations, gifts and food packets and some more.

    Custom Labels give uniqueness to the products. It additionally works as a trademark for the brand and makes the client familiar with the company. Label makers should always keep a helpful amount of stock prepared to serve its clients better. Custom Labels are bought in wide numbers and are generally huge packages. However, there are few companies who additionally oblige the necessities of small orders too. Be it a small customer or a major client, these companies provide excellent value for money on client’s investment.

    Large Companies distribute a lot of human and economic assets to the job of printing products. Similar to products packaging, they design a sequence of print and digital strategies to stand out enough to be noticed. Small to medium companies, in any case, might not have the same accessible budget plan, but rather they can also design cost-effective items to stand out from close competitors.

    ColorMark Inc. gives equal significance to every one of their clients as they understand everyone started from being a small company. This has been their belief system for every single project. We make your products more attractive by offering the expert custom labels for you.
    ColorMark Inc. has over 50 years of Label Manufacturing experience and has what it takes to accommodate all of your Label Printing needs. If you want to work with us then contact ColorMark Label.

    In the last decade, skincare breakthroughs have made it possible for you to look youthful and glowing. The skincare products available now days have the capability to turn over skin cells, increase elasticity and rejuvenate your skin from within. Of course, a healthy diet is a great contributor to a healthy looking skin. Added to that, a detailed skincare regimen comprising of essential alpha hydroxyl acids, vitamins and collagen can work wonders for your skin.

    Most of these skin care products are targeted products and treatments. Whether you are worried about wrinkles or emerging age spots, sun damage or acne marks, these imported skincare products have the solution for all. International brands have shown, in the past decade, much proven facts of rejuvenating skin with their highly researched and scientifically developed products. These skin care products not only repair the skin’s most vulnerable areas but also give them that youthful glow everybody has always desired.
    Olay is one such brand that had been in the beauty business since late 1950s. With changing market needs and leading technological breakthrough, the brand innovated their range with serums, night creams and anti-ageing solutions. Olay Regenerist is one such range that has powerful combination of age defying ingredients that moisturise, heal, deep clean, exfoliate and speed cells’ regeneration process. Olay Regenerist Daily Regenerating Cleanser, Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Wrinkle Revolution Complex, Olay Regenerist Anti-Ageing Micro Sculpting Serum and Eye Serum are some of the effective products from the range. These products not only work on the outside but also go deep inside the skin and work by speeding up the cell renewal process and adding the extra moisture boost to the ageing skin, thus rejuvenating it from the inside.

    The rand boasts of range of imported skin care products for women that have proved to deliver excellent results. Their other range of cleansers, moisturisers, serums, lotions and scrubs have been formulated to suit every skin type-dry, oily, acne prone as well as sensitive. Mybeautybazaar brings to you all these skin care products and more under one roof-thereby helping you to achieve that rejuvenated skin at the comfort of your home.