A Guide to Different Types of Label Adhesives

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It is often intimidating to choose different types of label adhesives that work. A label company might offer all kinds of labels, but you should know what to choose and how.
Classically, there are 3 types of adhesives used by a label company:

i) Permanent Labels: Most of the labels printed these days use permanent adhesives as they work for all kinds of label applications. Even for cheap label printing, permanent labels are preferred. Similarly, for syringe labels, pharmacy labels, and self-laminating labels, permanent adhesives are used for a stronger bond with the container. Trying to remove the label can damage the container completely.

ii) Removable Labels: There are labels that come with removable adhesive. Once applied, these labels can be easily removed without damaging the surface or the container on which it was applied. Removable labels are like stickers and these are perfect for temporary marking, limited promotions, discounts, and store coupons. However, the temperature might affect the stickiness and bonding of the removable capability of these types of adhesives.

iii) Repositionable Labels: Adhesives used for repositionable labels have short-term removability characteristic. Whenever you need to reapply or reposition the label, you can do so without any hassle. This type of adhesive can also save your resources and time in the long run. For instance, if a label has been applied crookedly, it can be repositioned without losing adhesion. The type of repositionable adhesive you choose would determine whether or not it can become permanent. There is always a difference between the time of initial application and the time of permanent bonding, which varies based on the formulation of the adhesive.

Depending on your product, choose any of these aforementioned types of adhesives for the best result. It is suggested to choose the adhesive type only with respect to your need and the material on which the label would be applied.