5 Secrets of a Successful Cloud Backup as a Service Strategy

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Nowadays, cloud backup has become a necessity for enterprises and SMBs for their applications. The reason behind such a shift from traditional backup strategies is seamless and secure backups provided by cloud services. It is a lot more cost-efficient too as compared to physical backup equipment’s. However, there are certain secret tips that can ensure you success while devising your cloud backup strategies:

Use it as disaster recovery solution

Most of the businesses prefer having on premise backups so that data can be retrieved faster when failures occur. In addition to such local backup strategies, adding cloud backup as secondary as the disaster recovery solution can be immensely beneficial to organizations if their on-premises servers are compromised or damaged.

Backup rarely used data

It is a good practice to backup data locally which requires frequent retrieval. But for the data which is rarely used, cloud backups can be a great solution. Such data can be shifted to cloud based archives and you can access it whenever the need arises.

Never forget to conduct testing

When you are preparing for cloud backup and recovery in emergency situations, it is best to test the system beforehand. It relieves you from last minute failures and assures you of smooth retrieval functionality.

Use data encryption

Many organizations stay away from cloud storage and backup solutions because of security vulnerabilities, but that can be avoided by opting for data encryption. With a private encryption, you can encrypt data with a private key before it is uploaded to the cloud and the data can only be decrypted after it has been downloaded on local servers.

Train your staff

It becomes important for any business to provide cloud-technology training as a whole and not just backups and recovery procedures to their IT staff. Having a trained in-house staff will only prove beneficial when your organization is implementing a cloud-shift, be it for storage or backups.

With these simple tips, your organization will be able to implement a successful cloud backup as a service strategy.

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