August 2017


Georgia has some of the finest businesses and office buildings that look brilliant. Success, after all, reveals only in the way offices are maintained. Fortunately, office cleaning services can assist you. Periodic office cleaning, for instance, is directly related to the efficiency and success of your business.

A business place should be clean and comfortable – an environment that nurtures happy minds and souls so that it leads to better volume of business and profits. A hygienic and stress-free work environment is fruitful for the employees as well as the employer. However, cleanliness of the office workplace and the floor goes unnoticed, which the cause of common problems is, often. With commercial cleaning services, you can actually transform the look and feel of your office interiors.

Worried about your skin not labeled as ‘perfect’? Blemishes, pimples, acnes and dark spots are little red devils with horns that sit strong laughing away at the flaws they create on our skin. These unwanted natural breakouts on the skin not only lower confidence but also get in the way of beauty. Thanks to the evolvement of makeup, you can now deal with all sorts of blemishes in one go using few amazing concealer techniques. Concealer is one miraculous beauty product, which if applied well, can lend to perfect and beauteous skin you’ve always craved for.

Here are few life-changing ways to conceal crow’s feet, blemishes and more.

Use Concealer after Using Foundation

If you are a foundation user, make sure you apply it first before coating your face with concealer. If you use the foundation first, you wouldn’t have to use much of the concealer. But if you do the other way round, you will end up taking off most of the concealer while coating it with foundation.

AnneMarie Borlind’s Cover-Up Stick works like a magicwand and makes acne, blackheads and blemishes disappear in no time. Stick concealers are available in different shades. Choose the one that go well with your skin complexion.

There are plenty of excellent concealer products available off-the-shelf. For small blemishes and dark circles, use pencil concealers from acclaimed brands like Beauty Without Cruelty. They ensure precise application and give you flawless look.

Do Not Miss the Perfect Concealer Application Thumb Rule

Well, the mantra lies in drawing a triangle that would begin from underneath your eye and would point your cheek. The reason is quite simple, it would not only perfectly conceal the annoying spots but also give you the illusion of a lifted up face.

Apply a Concealer Matching the Skin Tone While Concealing a Pimple

Prior to covering the pimple area, pick a concealer that perfectly suits the skin tone. You can now cancel out the irksome redness a pimple leaves behind. Yes, you read that right. By simply putting some concealer with a brush only on the pimple (Avoid applying on the area around it to keep away from the bacteria getting spread).

Alternatively, use a clean cotton swab to apply a liquid concealer that has a high-coverage and also matches your skin tone to hide the blemishes. Blend it artfully around the skin and let it set by applying setting powder. Try L.A. Girl Pro Conceal HD to camouflage all your skin imperfections such as dark circles, redness and fine lines.

Try Fail Proof Concealer Hacks for Dark Spots and Eye Blemishes

Choose a concealer that is just little lighter than the tone of your skin to line three small sections of your eyes – the inner V, the eyelid’s middle section, and below your brow bone. Besides making the highlights look natural, you need to blend it lightly for sporting a well-rested look. Try Jane Iredale Circle Delete Under Eye Concealer for those dreamy eyes. The product absolutely stands by its name.

Chin up and heads high ladies! You can now set off with an unbreakable confidence and conquer the world using these genius concealer techniques. After all, you deserve to shine and not sulk.




Application development is an intricate process that consists of several operating variables. When you start the process of developing a new application, you need to consider several factors such as source code development, UX design, UI design, testing, prototyping, marketing variables and app store optimization.

The best application development team divides their process into these 5 major steps.

  1. UI Development

A strong back-end architecture is a foremost requirement for any application. A good developer focusses on using the minimum amount of lines required for the code to run efficiently on a system. With a strong UI development and code optimization, the application can make the best use of the hardware on the user’s device.

  1. UX Development

A development team often consists of at least one graphic designer and one programmer. While the programmer focusses on developing a reliable backend structure for the application, the graphic designer enhances the aesthetics of the application. With a good UX development, your application is ready to compete with the best applications currently available on the market. Since the competition on all app stores is increasing, the development of a functional application is not enough to attract the customers.

  1. Application Testing

Application testing is an integral part of the development process. It is crucial for the developers to adopt multiple app testing strategies like regression testing, exploratory testing as well as automated testing to remove potential bugs from the application. A bug-free system will help you give a seamless and enjoyable experience to the application’s users.

  1. Application Security

The focus on application security increases by multiple folds on the inculcation of social media interaction feature within the application. It is crucial to use a good encryption level to ensure that all the sensitive data harvested by your application is invisible to potential hackers.

  1. App Store Optimization

Last but not the least, a developer must focus on App Store Optimization (ASO) techniques to make sure that the application gets the deserved praise and popularity over the application store platform. ASO techniques like inculcation of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly content will help your application rise to the top positions quickly.

We host a large team of expert application developers at WasiTech systems who can help you create an optimized application.




Whether you own a business or are a professional blogger, you need to make your presence to a wider audience. In today’s internet savvy world, online marketing strategies are the best way to make a larger audience aware of your existence. Using social media platforms, taking to email marketing, forums or discussions – a number of effective marketing strategies can make your venture successful. With a minimum time and expense, you can create an online presence.
Once you have identified your target audience, the main objective is to decide the ways to reach them. Like mentioned before, social media platforms are a great way to reach a larger audience. Whether you create a Facebook fan page wherein your followers and fans can communicate with you about your business, products, and services, post their queries and requirements or tweet through micro-blogging site, Twitter to your followers or those you visit your individual business page, both these techniques have proved successful for many. For those who want to expand their business and are looking for like-minded people, LinkedIn is an effective tool. You can hire interested professionals, connect with influential business owners and expand your business network.

Another effective way of reaching your target audience is making use of Search Engine Marketing and Display Advertising. The professionally built website attracts search engine spiders and improves your page ranking. This, in turn, increases your website traffic and helps to generate positive leads. Display or banner advertising means purchasing an ad space on other well-doing website and placing text/graphic ad that links to your website. However, it is an expensive technique than Pay-Per-Click but is effective if shown to a tightly focused audience.

Forums and discussion groups are interesting ways to gather more audience and bring them to your website. Giving answers to queries with a link to your website can create a surge in your website traffic.

Feel free to contact Olive Solutions – professional digital marketing service provider who can manage all your SEO, SMO and PPC accounts as per your needs!

Online business has now become the survival of the fittest. The right marketing strategies can see you through a successful business foundation. Email marketing forms a major factor in making an online business successful. Hence, check out why you should go with email marketing.

Learning to use email marketing effectively is the key to a strong business relation with your consumers. One should explore this area of marketing and make effective use of the tool if one wants to succeed in the online business race.

The emails should encourage your consumers to subscribe and participate in your business and any competition you might be introducing. The idea with which the email needs to be written has to be inviting rather than forcing the activity down the throat of the consumer. The right kind of email structure would entice the consumer to pay attention to your business, the latest happenings and any attractive business offers. A responsive opt-in email list should be spontaneous enough to bring in the consumers without irritating them.

Some of the bad or irritating practices to avoid in email marketing are to create lengthy and confusing signup process. Since it sets the stage for the relationship with the customer, it should be short, crisp, hassle free and to the point. It should clearly communicate to your subscriber what they could expect from the business. It should clearly describe how often and what would be sent out to the subscribers. Always make the subject lines clear instead of making it an unclear jumbled form of words. The receiver should read the subject line and open the mail immediately instead of stashing it in the trash. The information should be interesting and informative rather than any random messages every now and then. This will only irate the subscribers further and they may just unsubscribe from the mailing list.

Automation and computing technologies have now taken over a lot of human functions. The rising popularity of these systems is their efficiency and low operating costs. These systems negate the human emotional intelligence and work solely on probability mathematics. This efficiency gives them an edge over the human intelligence which is preferred in several businesses.

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. It helps in the automation of several operating factors in an industry as well as a business. The need for ERP is rising by the day since it is more efficient and faster at computing the various aspects of the business than its human counterpart. The use of ERP is beneficial to large businesses in the following ways.

  1. Singular Portal for Operation

The computing technology allows you to control the ERP mechanism using a singular portal. You can create a singular portal for all the employees and give them access to the various features of the system as per their ranking within the company. The singular portal operation allows you to keep track of the company’s growth aspect effectively.

  1. Low/Negligible Operating Costs

The computers can run at low or negligible operating costs. These computers do not require a salary to operate. Rather they require only a maintenance check-up occasionally. A single person can keep a check over these machines to make sure that all of them are operating at their optimum performance levels.

  1. Upgradeable

When we talk about computers, one of their best features is that they are upgradeable. You do not need to invest a lot to upgrade the computational capabilities of a device. You can also control the time of upgrade and can upgrade only when it is really necessary for the company.

  1. Considers Multiple Factors Efficiently

Operating a business is not one man’s job since you need to consider several factors in play for maintaining a profitable venture. A man loses efficiency when it comes to handling multiple tasks at a time. On the other hand, a computer is designed specifically to do so.

Contact us at WasiTech to know more about how we can help you design a fully functional ERP for your company.

If you need home or office cleaning services, choose premium cleaning service providers. Professional housekeeping and commercial cleaning services can help you to maintain your home as well as office spaces. Spotless interiors, hygienic floor, clean toilets, and a fresh environment is guaranteed.

Get Customized Building Maintenance Services

Whether it is your home or office, dirty interiors are forever unsightly. Dirty floors, messy washrooms, cobwebbed ceilings, and smelly corridors are embarrassing. Only professional janitorial service ensures hygienic washrooms so that your homes and offices do not stink all the time.

Home Cleaning Services

There are professional cleaning services offering customized home cleaning plans. These plans generally include bedroom, drawing room, washroom, and kitchen cleaning. There are different types of packages to choose and you can avail any service as per your wish.

Office Cleaning Services

There are specific plans for office cleaning services. Professional agencies provide tailored plans for office cleaning and commercial cleaning services. Based on the necessities and primary cleaning areas, cleaning services provide package deals to clients. For instance, a restaurant requires adifferent type of cleaning services than a retail shop owner. It depends entirely on the business type and the quality of service expectation.

Why Choose Professional Cleaning Services?

  • Customized Cleaning Plans: Professional cleaning services provide customized plans for respective businesses, homes, and buildings. As a result, these services focus on the basic expectation of clients and deliver proficient results.
  • Customized Schedules: With professionals, you can expect customized schedules for cleaning based on your office workload and home space. For instance, cleaning on weekends is optimum for offices.
  • Professional Equipment: Professional cleaning services use the latest equipment to provide quality services. There is no compromise with quality.

Want professional office cleaning services in Georgia? 1st Choice Cleaning is one of the leading customized cleaning service providers offering an array of services like office cleaning, building maintenance, commercial cleaning and janitorial service.



Every girl out there wants to look like a fairytale bride on her wedding day.  She dreams of flaunting flawless skin and gorgeous tresses. However, the excessive humidity and moisture in the air during monsoon season make it a bit difficult for all brides-to-be to get that perfect look on their D-day.

All monsoon brides out there, here is a handy list of all essential beauty tips you must consider to look your beautiful best.

Stay clear of fungal infections

While you may be out enjoying your last days of singlehood with your friends or to-be better half in romantic monsoon season, your skin is at high risk of receiving fungal infections. Certainly, you don’t wish to have acne and rashes just before your wedding and thus there are several things you can do. First of all, don’t wear wet clothes and footwear.

Using products like Phisoderm Anti-Blemish Body Wash and Neutrogena Body Clear Body Wash will help you clear breakouts on your body leaving your skin soft and healthy. Use lukewarm water for bathing and always keep your skin clean.

Use an antifungal cream to treat superficial skin infections. Don’t skip on your skin moisturizing routine, particularly when your wedding is just around the corner. And exfoliate your skin at least two times in a week. OXY Daily Defense Exfoliating Body Scrub is an amazing product that not just cleanses your skin but help prevents acne and treats blemishes. What’s more, drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated naturally.

Don’t look greasy

Humid and wet climate speeds up oil secretion process in your pores and makes your skin look greasy all day long. Use a non-foaming and mild face cleanser like Skin Obsession Spa Facial Milk Cleanser for 2-3 times a day. The product will remove dirt and oil from deep inside the pores without stripping your skin of essential moisture. The new season needs new skin care regime. Shift to an oil-control face wash or pore cleanser face wash that give you non-greasy and healthy skin!

Check if you have waterproof makeup

Those emotional moments on the wedding day and the monsoon weather can spoil your makeup badly. Beauty experts recommend monsoon brides to be extra cautious choosing their make-up pallet. They recommend them to use waterproof makeup including foundation, eyeliner and Eyeshadow. Don’t use oil and cream based makeup products as they can melt and spread within a few hours of application.

Use a face powder like Benecos Natural Mineral Powder Sand that sucks up excess moisture and helps hold your makeup intact during the wedding ceremony. Makeup artists recommend monsoon brides to use the best quality bronzer for the radiant look. Lastly, stay away from all products that can add too much glitter on your skin.

Revamp your hair care routine

You may be overwhelmed with your big day coming closer and you want your hair to look in its best shape, but the more frequent use of styling products can damage your hair. When you use a hair dryer, keep it at the lowest setting to save your strands from heat damage. Use a wide-tooth comb to detangle your wet hair.

Remember, your hair simply needs regular shampooing and conditioning to look beautiful. It’s not wise to opt for any chemical based hair treatment on the last minute. You can use a gentle shampoo and conditioner suitable for your hair type.  Pantene Normal Thick Frizz to Smooth shampoo and Conditioner can help you keep your hair soft, shiny and frizz-free all day long.

Hark brides! Pouring too much oil won’t help you get glossy and healthy hair. Instead too oily tresses will need more shampoo and you will end up making your tresses drier. A product like Organix coconut milk anti-breakage hair serum nourishes your hair making them strong and healthy. And it is weightless too.

Pledge to wear sunblock 365 days a year!

Never step out of the home without putting on your sunscreen, even if it is cloudy or raining outside. Apply sunscreen every day and you will save your skin from the harmful impacts of UV rays such as pigmentation and tanning. Sunscreen also protects your skin from the UV rays released by TV and computer screens. Choose a lightweight sunscreen formula that offers both UVB and UVA protection. For Indian monsoon, SPF 30 or higher is recommended.

Pamper your nails and feet

You don’t want chipped nails making an appearance on your D-day. Put your feet in the lukewarm water and use a good-quality pumice stone or brush to gently remove dead skin. Lather a good amount of moisturizer on your feet before bedtime. It’s a good idea to wear socks to retain moisture overnight. Don’t forget to book an appointment for a manicure and pedicure at a professional salon nearby before your wedding day.

Lastly, watch out your diet and take plenty of quality sleep to put forward your best look on your wedding day this monsoon!



Marijuana cultivation has evolved considerably from how it used to be done many years ago. While in previous generations, the plant mostly used to be cultivated outdoors, today, a massive chunk of marijuana production happens indoors. Much of it is down to the legal status of the plant around the world. While many countries have taken a liberal stance on the plant and decriminalized the drug, there are many more countries throughout the world where marijuana production is strictly illegal.

So, when it comes to the decision of growing outdoors against growing indoors, you need to put everything aside and prioritize on not just the quality of the harvest, but also, your own safety as a grower.

Outdoor Cultivation

When the first marijuana plant rose from the earth, there were no indoor grow-ops. It was all outdoors, and until the last few decades, it is how marijuana was cultivated all over the world. While growing marijuana in outdoor environments is generally seen as the more natural way of doing it, it can be incredibly risky.

Before anything else, you need to have access to a site that does not easily come under police supervision in case marijuana is illegal where you stay. This generally means searching for remote sites that may be difficult to access on a regular basis. For outdoor grow-ops, it’s also necessary for the location to have the right qualities for optimum marijuana growth such as a lot of sunshine and nearby water sources.

Indoor Cultivation

If you have enough space in your home to cultivate marijuana, there’s no reason why you can’t grow the plant indoors. However, indoor cultivation comes with its fair share of risks and difficulties as well.

For starters, there are the start-up costs, which might be incredibly high, as you need to buy lights and equipment to maintain ventilation. If the grow is big, then be prepared to shell out a lot of money for paying your electricity bills as well.

However, indoor cultivation has its advantages as well. Unlike an outdoor grow, an indoor grow-op will not be spotted as easily. Indoor cultivation can also generate multiple harvests every year, as opposed to just a single harvest that is typically encountered in outdoor grow-ops. The most beneficial aspect is probably the growing conditions, which you can manipulate according to your needs.

When you consider all the pros and cons, indoor cultivation is much more convenient. In places around the world where medical marijuana is legal, most of the strains found are grown indoors.

Protex Genetix is a company that deals with medical marijuana, and caters to people who request for strains to suit their particular medical needs. Medical marijuana is an industry that is rapidly growing, and Protex Genetics wants to be at the forefront of quality marijuana production, because it’s not just a drug anymore, it is a movement!


The need for proper electronic recycling can be justified with the following stats and figures:-

EPA reports that over 142,000 computers are discarded every day, in the U.S alone – that’s over 50 million desktops and laptops per year!

– In 2012, U.S. generated 3.4 million tons of e-waste – and only 1 million of this amount was recycled, which is only 29%. The rest goes to our landfills or incinerators.

– claims that an average cell phone user changes his/her device every 18 months!

The implications are apparent from the above stats, and thus every business/individual should make this a priority and do a timely recycling of their old electronics. But how does one identify a right recycler who responsibly recycles our unwanted items?

So, here we outline the 5 basic steps to follow whilst choosing a suitable e-waste recycler:-

1.Understand your Recycling Items

Before searching and talking to recyclers, try understanding what your recycling needs are. Whilst, that may sound like an obvious and easy work, but once recyclers come at your premises, there will be detailed questions being asked especially if you’re a corporate user. For starters, determine the e-waste sources at your facilities and how much of the e-waste is produced on a monthly or quarterly basis. Ideally, make a list of the kinds of e-waste produced during these intervals. In addition, make separate lists for finished products like computers/laptops and televisions and accessory based items like batteries and power cords etc.

These preparations will be helpful since most recyclers would charge for some items and others would be compensated for.

2.Check the Recycler’s Environmental Commitments

Select a recycler that is not only professional but also environmentally responsible. After all, one main reason for recycling is to reduce and reuse (where possible) so that we don’t let those toxic substances spread into our environment. This can also lead to health impact for humans.

One way to determine is their certifications including an R2 Certification, which is all about Responsible Recycling and ensuring no damage to our environment is imposed.

3.What about Data Security?

We store ample amount of data into our electronic devices and while recycling these old items, every owner/corporate users want not to worry about the information being misused or compromised. It is, therefore, vital that you check the Data Destruction policies of the recycler, do they offer data wiping and/or degaussing. The bottom line is, you want all of the information on these to-be-recycled products to be completely wiped off responsibly so your business data is not compromised or misused.

4.Set-Up Formal In-Person Meeting

Upon determining your inventory list in step #1, call in the shortlisted recyclers for an in-person meeting. Excellent customer services are critical for this selection and any good e-waste recycler would be happy to meet and inspect your facilities. Since you’re calling in multiple recyclers, always a good idea to perhaps sign an NDA if you’re allowing site inspection and/or exchange any other business information. Ultimately, you’re going to be working with only 1 recycler.


It is a known fact, that some recyclers would either offer to pay for those old electronic devices and some may charge for it too! Fees are weight-based of the materials undergoing recycling and dependent on the kind of devices too. Recyclers often classify in advance what is paid for and what will be charged for collecting and recycling. As an example, if you sort all of the devices at your premises, then there may be a better rebate from recycled as that saves time on their end. Lastly, some recyclers charge for collections, so find out in advance if you’re paying that few extra $s for having them to collect. offers more guidance on ways to recycle and ensure data security by completely deleting and wiping off all the data. Get in touch today for getting more advice.