You know by now how to moisturize your skin, but do you think you are doing it correctly? There still might be a way or two that you are doing wrong, which might be causing your skin to breakout or become extremely dry. You need a different moisturizer for dry skin, combination, and normal skin, which most of us often miss out on. If your skin gets flaky during winters and very oily during the summers or if your elbow has a dry white patch all year round, you need to know these hacks.

Here are 10 moisturizer hacks to add to your skincare routine:

Double cleanse your face

Every night before going to bed use a non-foaming milk cleanser to cleanse your face after removing makeup. Cleanse your face with Skin Obsession Spa Facial Milk Cleanser followed by the Derma-E – Very Clear Problem Skin Moisturizer.

Apply moisturizer on damp skin

Avoid towel-drying your body and apply Micro-Balanced Aqualin Moisturizer Cream on your damp skin to lock in the moisture. Hydrate your whole body and you won’t ever have to worry about ashy knees.

Always keep rose water with you

All year round, have a rose water spray in your handbag. Spray it on your face every four to five hours for a moisturized and healthy skin.

Use a water-based formula moisturizer

Are you always confused what skin type you have? Put that confusion to rest and instead use a water-based formula moisturizer like Smith & Nephew Uniderm Protective Moisturizer Cream suits every skin type.

Mix your moisturizer with liquid foundation

During the winters, mix your moisturizer for combination skin with liquid foundation to avoid it from looking white and cracked. Liquid foundation tend to dry the skin, so use the Bare Escentuals bareMinerals Purely Nourishing Moisturizer with it to keep it glowing all day long.

Use a face serum before applying moisturizer

Use the vitamin C rich Claire-ity Skincare 25% Vitamin C Serum with Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin E, Best Organic Anti-Aging Serum for Face before applying moisturizer in the morning. Put a few drops on your face and massage it all over using your fingertips. Wait for five minutes before applying the moisturizer.

Use face moisturizer on neck and chest

We often ignore other parts of our body and only moisturize our face. Don’t stop moisturizing as you reach your jawline and apply some face moisturizer for oily skin on your neck and chest as well. Use the Kiss My Face – Moisturizer Sensitive Skin Olive & Aloe Fragrance Free as your neck and chest skin is as delicate as your face skin.

Use a separate eye cream and hand cream

Always leave your eye area out while you moisturize your face, instead use the AHAVA Time to Hydrate Gentle Eye Cream for the skin around your eyes as it is very delicate and needs extra protection. Your hands are constantly at work all day long and need a calming cream like Earth Science, Purfection, Hand Cream to relax all the build-up stress.

Change moisturizer as seasons change

During the summers, use a water-based moisturizer, while for the winters, use a denser and oil-based moisturizer to keep away the dryness.

Eat omega-3 rich foods

Consuming omega-3 rich foods like olive oil, canola oil, and cod liver oil is the secret to an everlasting glowing skin. You can also consume Natural Health Odorless Omega 3 Fish Oil concentrate 1000mg softgels, once a day to cover up your daily intake.


Keep all these moisturizer hacks in mind to keep your skin hydrated all day long.